The Youth

Old habits die hard.  Consider yourself lucky if you grew out of carrying around your bacteria infested teddy bear or your ratty old blanket before you hit puberty.  This place that I considered Neverland can have some negative effects on those who choose to not adapt to reality.  Sure, work your day job, get a slurpee, and ride your bike.  Living the life of a kid with an income.  Give and take is what growing up is about or so I have been told.  Sometimes giving up what is considered dear and precious just isn’t worth it. As I was walking around downtown Portland,  I thought my eyes had decieved me.  I had to do a double …no, triple take.  It was him.





What is not shown here is Linus boozing it up.  Right after this picture was taken, he went over to Lucy’s stand and kicked it over.  He stole her can of money and then bought some crack.

What can we learn from this?  Simple.  Don’t force your kids to give up what they love until they are ready.

Linus:  We still love you.

One Response to “The Youth”
  1. San says:

    HAH! Love it. When I’m at home. I still sleep with my stuffed elephant. ShHHHH! Don’t tell anyone.

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