French Song

Is that a baguette or are you just really happy to see this list? (I had to go there).  The Ladies of the Seasonally Prepared Boyfriend Committee took a break this past summer because well, let’s face it! Who could top Spring’s one and only, Mr. Andrew Hung? Summer was more for those flings, living carefree, and maybe even lowering the bar. However, school is back in session and so are we! We compiled a list that only an Autumnal French or French inspired boyfriend could meet. As you know, we only want the crème de la crème.

1) Just because summer is over doesn’t mean the outdoor fun has to come to an end. No sir! We love playing outside as much as les enfants! We like our guys to be well rounded individuals. Men who appreciate the simple and finer things in life . In this case, rolling down hills into giant piles of fallen leaves! After we have splashed our way into the heap, our guy thoughtfully brings the leaves back into a pile so that we may once again roll on in.

2) Rolling around in leaves can sure work up an appetite! What would Fall be like without pie? Luckily for us, we never have to find out. Chocolate pecan? Pumpkin? Apple cinnamon? Ladies and Gents, we don’t call him prepared for nothing. He made sure to bring the whole team along with some of his homemade apple cider from his private apple orchard. (Yes, we love apple cider so much that it made it onto another list!)

3) The French really love their vacation time and so do we! What’s better than sailing along the French coast to Portugal? Sailing along the French coast in an enchanted boat filled with twinkle-light adorned trees surrounding a tepee! As if this trip wasn’t magical enough, he brought his dream piano! This baby is a rarity, just like our boyfriend. This piano composes the most beautiful dreams that light up the night sky.

4)  It’ll be getting chilly out, which means time to bundle up!  Luckily, he carries around an extra scarf that he made himself from his own herd of sheep! Talk about keeping it local and organic!

5)  No list would be complete without the low-down on facial hair.  Last time, the ladies and myself were quite fond of the clean shave and we even accepted a creepy molestache.  This time around, we are looking for a full on mustache WITH a twist.  We aren’t talking about the twisted ends that you create with some product.  That would be a crime against all mustaches sacred and dear!  We want the natural twist at the ends!  A little something we can get our fingers on. Our thoughts if you have a beard this season?  You are jumping the gun my friend! It’s like eating dessert before dinner.  In the words of Disaster Experiments very own Kyle Sennish: “Our love and friendship will only grow over the years, like the beard of a wise man, our love will be full and flowing.”

6)  Achoo! Looks like it’s sniffles time. Good thing notre garçon is immune to everything ranging from chapped lips to the swine flu. Even though he might be immune, we unfortunately are not.  Thankfully, homeboy carries an embroidered handkerchief so we may wipe our nose and chapstick.  Bless his heart!

7) We love flannel.  We do, but we want a little more this time. Lovely cardigans made by his truly with elbow patches please!

Let’s finish up this list with a few toppings:

-Professional whistler! Our petit ami can carry a tune when it comes to “L’Alouette” and “Frère Jacques”. He also has no problem hailing down a cab.

– Scooter with a sidecar.  The sidecar is definitely not for us.  It’s actually for this guy:


Yes, in France even the dogs smoke.

– Boo! Halloween is just around the corner, mais ne t’inquiète pas!  Ours truly is an expert when it comes to carving jack-o-lanterns.  We will be celebrating Halloween at a haunted house near the French Riviera.  As for costumes, he is going as Sherlock Holmes and the dog as Watson.  Who doesn’t love a good mystery?

– Homemade caramel crêpes at midnight!

– Portable puppet theater that he takes to children’s hospitals to cheer the little ones up.  Of course there is a little monkey that plays the cymbals!  What do we look like amateurs?

Well, creating this list over some delicious fro-yo was definitely not easy!  However, Sanita, Emily and I did it once again!  Here he is folks:


Mr. Mos Def himself!  You may be asking yourself how is he French or French-inspired?  Mos Def has 2 children from a previous marriage and 6 other children with three other women.  What could be more French than that? Not to mention, how he stole our hearts in “Be Kind Rewind” and “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”.

As for runner up, we gots ourselves a tie between:

petit-prince 20090812-Luke LaLonde

Le petit Prince and Luke Lalonde!  How could we not choose these two?  With songs like “Foxes Mate for Life” and “Little Garçon” it was a pretty easy decision.  Plus, Luke’s name is French!  As for Le Petit Prince? No explanation necessary.

Here is a little treat for your ears from Magic Magic called “French Song”:

(This live version is a little intense, but if you get a hold of the song from off their album, it’s pretty good!).

5 Responses to “French Song”
  1. Alice says:

    O! France. I’ve decided to be Mary Poppins this Halloween. We should swap pictures come Nov. 1st. Also, I was thinking about taking up sewing again. If I do, I’ll embroider you a handkerchief and you can tell people your hot (insert interesting nationality here) boyfriend commissioned it for you. Who doesn’t like embellishment?

  2. misserma says:

    Woah woah! Two different things if you embroider me something and some hot guy. If you embroider me a handkerchief there is no way I would let some imaginary hot loser take credit! I don’t care if he did have it commissioned! As for Halloween, I have no clue what I will be or if there will be any celebrations…

  3. Jason says:

    none of your guys have mustaches!

  4. Irum says:

    Ahem, Jason. Fall has just begun aiight?

  5. Jason says:

    Fair enough, but I don’t car what time of the year it is, the little prince ain’t growin’ a mustache.

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