Life In Technicolor

I am not really a big fan of Halloween or dressing up, but I suppose when you are out of the country, you kind of miss missing out.  We had heard through the grapevine that some pub by my house was having a Halloween night and there would be prize for the best costume.  We didn’t think Lorient was a big fan of Halloween or that even French people celebrated the day.  Allison, Ramon and myself decided on one rainy day (like many other days here) that we would go as Crayola crayons.  We headed downtown and found a cardboard box along the way, bought a bunch of glue, construction paper and paint, then got to work.  While debating which crayon to be, our friend Ramon kept insisting on being a white crayon.  My question is: who actually likes white crayons?  Also, what are they good for?  They are completely useless along with peach.  Anyways, after we had recruited two more crayons and a drawing, we let Ramon be his precious white crayon.


Costume preparation


All the crayons and our drawing! (left to right) Frauke, Allison, Ramon, Rachael and (upfront) Carlos.


Kicking out the white crayon




Side A by Allison. Carlos is saying to the unicorn that you are my magical beast. The unicorn responds lovingly with "i love you".


Side B by yours truly. Giant bear and pink unicorn hanging out by the goldfish pond.

So, when we arrived at the pub, they were passing out these Halloween quizzes.  Most of them were pretty easy questions like “when is Halloween celebrated?” and “What is the day after Halloween called?”.  The other questions, I wasn’t so sure about.  If there is anything that I took away from the 6th grade, it was to never leave a blank answer.  Who knows maybe you will get credit for creativity? Having that in mind, I answered questions like “What is another name for a werewolf?” and “who started the tradition of dressing up in costumes?” with “Professor Lupin” and “David Bowie”.  I might have put other things in there like “laughing so hard that you have an accident” and something about Casper the friendly ghost.   The moment of truth came later on in the evening and well!  We won!  Wearing my onesie longjohn the entire evening paid off.  Success.


Quiz win! Allison & Cécile.


Costume win!

One Response to “Life In Technicolor”
  1. Alice says:

    You are so creative! No one likes white crayons, but when I was little I used the peach ones to color white people in my coloring books.

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