Big Run

I can get lazy and we will just have to learn to deal with it.  It’s like Whitney Houston dealing with Bobby Brown, but not as extreme. It is a good thing that I have friends that yell at me to update this blog, otherwise, I can assure you that I would’ve deleted this two weeks after I started it.

Summary of what has been up and down:

1) The assistants and myself have been getting into “Twin Peaks”.  I have already seen the second season, but others have not.  We are currently on the search for the second season that comes equipped with French subtitles and for which we do not have to pay money for!

2) Made Thanksgiving dinner for our friends.  I sewed up that turkey and stuffed it.  I was a bad vegetarian and I had some turkey.  I made the big mistake of naming it Henrietta while singing about the turkey.  Whoops!  I did win the bigger half of the wishbone!

Now that I figured out a way to get pictures off of my camera, I feel a littel bit better about posting so no worries, there will be some hopefully good/jolly posts that are not about my life.  I can send that information in emails and letters yo!

More to come!

One Response to “Big Run”
  1. Alice says:

    That turkey is perfection.

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