Time Enough For Rocking When We’re Old

Many fancy blogs these days show pictures of the trendy and cool.  I, however, am bringing you photos of those overlooked.  I absolutely hate dogs, but I swear when I see an old person walking with their little dog, I turn to mush.  I believe I have mentioned this before that there are a bountiful of lovely elderly people in this fair city.  They walk in their trench coats, knee to ankle length skirts, rain bonnets, orthopedic shoes, canes along with their faithful little side kick.  I will be bringing you more of these wonderful snapshots.  I bring to you:  I scooch with my pooch. (title in progress).

I know this pooch has no one by him in this photo. However, I usually see him outside the grocery store right by my work. My little glum chum.
One Response to “Time Enough For Rocking When We’re Old”
  1. Sanita says:

    I love the bugger at the top! AYII!

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