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Time Enough For Rocking When We’re Old

Many fancy blogs these days show pictures of the trendy and cool.  I, however, am bringing you photos of those overlooked.  I absolutely hate dogs, but I swear when I see an old person walking with their little dog, I turn to mush.  I believe I have mentioned this before that there are a bountiful … Continue reading

Big Run

I can get lazy and we will just have to learn to deal with it.  It’s like Whitney Houston dealing with Bobby Brown, but not as extreme. It is a good thing that I have friends that yell at me to update this blog, otherwise, I can assure you that I would’ve deleted this two … Continue reading

Hate It or Love It

Lately, I have been obsessed with Aziz Ansari.  I have been following his blog, where he posts conversations between him and his cousins about television shows and music, his friendship with Kanye and all sorts of other good stuff.  I do declare you should check it!  While on his page, I took a look … Continue reading

Life In Technicolor

I am not really a big fan of Halloween or dressing up, but I suppose when you are out of the country, you kind of miss missing out.  We had heard through the grapevine that some pub by my house was having a Halloween night and there would be prize for the best costume.  We … Continue reading

I Want Out

Bienvenue! I have been caught up with house guests and running usual paperwork errands.  As I have been getting a little better acquainted with other language assistants in the city, I have noticed a little trend in conversation topics.  It usually tends to be about vacation plans or post-France plans.  There seems to be a … Continue reading

True Story

“You will have to relearn how to do everything,” is what my former boss, Duan, told me before I left for France.  Did I believe her?  Not really.  I didn’t think it was going to be a bit rough.  In the past few weeks, I had to do the following: 1) Open up a French … Continue reading


I’ll start at the beginning. Just as a warning this might be a bit long for the first France update.  I left St. Louis after having a wonderful breakfast with some friends at Meshuggah.  The company and food were wonderful! I always like leaving a place on a full tank.  I’ll fast forward now to … Continue reading

French Song

Is that a baguette or are you just really happy to see this list? (I had to go there).  The Ladies of the Seasonally Prepared Boyfriend Committee took a break this past summer because well, let’s face it! Who could top Spring’s one and only, Mr. Andrew Hung? Summer was more for those flings, living … Continue reading

For Our Elegant Caste

Spring has sprung!  Wutang! For all those who managed to survive the dreadful cold of winter, give yourself a gold star.  If you managed to survive without a snowstorm prepared boyfriend, then you are better off because whatever standards were made for the winter definitely do not apply for the spring season.  Is the rain … Continue reading

The Youth

Old habits die hard.  Consider yourself lucky if you grew out of carrying around your bacteria infested teddy bear or your ratty old blanket before you hit puberty.  This place that I considered Neverland can have some negative effects on those who choose to not adapt to reality.  Sure, work your day job, get a … Continue reading